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Simplified Baby Photo Share For Moms & Parents With PixeBaby

PixeBaby app allows moms of babies and toddlers to connect with each other with photos. It is a new mobile social networking tool that creates photo collages and shares it instantly with ease.
Mobile Android App PixeBaby

Mobile Android App PixeBaby


PRLog (Press Release)Mar 02, 2011 – Greater Chicago: Rcursion Inc, developer of the successful PixeConn app is today please to introduce PixeBaby app.  The app allows moms of babies and toddlers to connect with each other with photos. Sharing baby pictures with family and friends is a very natural process for proud parents especially moms. It is perfect for both young urban hip parents as well as the not so tech savvy parents. The app is easy to use and has an intuitive and interactive interface. The app is currently available on the Android platform.

PixeBaby is unique and dedicated application that allows you to capture precious moments of your baby via your Android mobile phone and instantly shares with your family and friends with the click of a few buttons. The fun doesn’t stop there; the app also allows you to send text messages to the group stirring up a discussion. PixeBaby promises to make group photo sharing among moms, parents and friends simple and exciting experience.  You can ensure that your family and friends never miss an interesting moments of your baby and have fun discussing over the photos. Your friends will no longer need to scout through social media sites and photo sites to see your baby’s pictures.

Another interesting feature of the app is creating collages of baby pictures taken from multiple connected phones from various locations. Moms shall now be able to see pictures of their baby with their friends’ kids in the same photo frame. This feature gives an edge over other messaging apps. Parents shall have reliable way of creating a time history of photos of their babies as the new PixeBaby app is equipped with a time history feature coupled with an alert system. Parents can set a fix intervals and the app will remind them to take pixes (casual photos) at those intervals.

PixeBaby app is different from other social networking tools as your photos & text are shared only with your exclusive close knit groups whom you have invited for the pix session.

“Often we really want to see cute babies of our close-knit extended family members, but they are not at our immediate surrounding. Those parents are very close to us, and there is no reason to wait for them to find the perfect moment to post their baby photos on generic social site where virtually everyone can see; We should be able to say “I miss your baby; May I see them now in pix”. Most parents are delighted for the request to see their babies  -- if they can meet the request easily. That is how PixeBaby come in handy. With PixeBaby you connect with parents on phone-to-phone and private setting. To top it off, with PixeBaby you can surprise parents with collages of baby photos with almost no effort at your site. Among moms, the sight of their babies together in collage is not only interesting, but means a way of togetherness”. said Shiou Loh, founder of Rcursion Inc.

Social Baby Photo Share App

You can find out more from the PixeConn site (www.pixeconn.com/pixebaby) and download the PixeBaby app from the android market for $0.99. However, all recipients of the photo session invitation can participate without paying for the app. https://market.android.com/details?id=com.pixecon.pixebaby

About Rcursion:

Founded in 2009, Rcursion Inc. comprises of a small community of developers. Rcursion provides high quality products and world class services that make it easy, convenient and fun for consumers to not only see just-in-time pixes and indulge in group text messaging, but also to make use of those pixes in seamless way. PixeConn is the flagship product App providing a new and innovative way to connect with close knit groups.
13th-Sep-2009 02:39 am(no subject)

5th-Nov-2007 10:04 pm - Are you shopping from the registry?
I'm Brandy from Store #6376 (Newark, DE). I'll be there for a year on January 5th.

I'm on Front End -- cashier. Fun fun. *rolls eyes*
7th-Dec-2006 04:42 pm(no subject)
Hi does anyone in this community work at Babys r us?

I just got a call from them to come in and interview, but I dont knwo how much they pay.

Anyone know?

1st-Dec-2006 04:07 pm - Discontinued
my name is sara
I got an email from Babies 'R Us today about my baby registry. Fisher Price is discontinuing the following items:

Ocean Wonders Aquarium Cradle Swing
Ocean Wonders Healthy Care Highchair
Ocean Wonders Take-Along Swing
Ocean Wonders Bouncer

The play gyms and toys will still be available according to the email.

The new pattern that is replacing the Ocean Wonders stuff is Rainforest something.
3rd-Sep-2006 08:08 pm - new to group
Just joined. My hubby and i are expecting our first March 10th. We are very excited about this and have already started to look online for ideas. We both have agreed that we would register with Babies R Us since we know ther are a few of those stores around our families (and online). However, another family member says that we should skip it and register with a local store here. We checked out the 2 stores here and they have nothing here we are interested in.

so major question is, later down the road, do we force ourselves to register with one of the stores here and online or what.
The only place that I've seen the wide-neck nipples are at Big Lots. I know that the local Burlington Coat Factory carries the bottles and nipples that have a more narrow neck.


The Fisher-Price Wide-Neck Silicone Nipples also fit the Avent bottles. The design is also similar. The FP nipples are yellow.
25th-Sep-2005 07:20 am(no subject)
real me
Hey, all!
Just wanted to introduce myself to the community... I'm Renie from store 6428 (Orange Park, Florida).
I've been working for BRU for almost 3 months... I'm still a cashier. No openings in any other departments have been available yet...
Did anyone else enjoy BabyFest yesterday? I know I about went crazy... unless no other stores had BabyFest yesterday. :-P
Anyway, just kinda found you guys on a whim :) I'm actually about to leave to go to the uber mandatory store meeting this morning at 9 a.m. I hope to make lots of new friends and learn new things about the company I'm working for :)
8th-Sep-2005 03:00 pm - Mod Post: Membership

I'm removing the moderated membership, so people do not have to wait to be accepted before they can post. I think this would just make it easier for anyone who wants to join in the future.

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